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Ryan Suser Wins on Summary Judgement

January 17, 2024
Bousquet Holstein attorney Ryan Suser recently won a decision on summary judgment finding that the opposing party had breached certain terms of a separation agreement. Ryan's client was divorced pursuant to this agreement that required the parties to continue living together.  After some time, Ryan's client moved out and the question became whether the agreement Read More »

Navigating Holiday Vacations Post-Separation

November 28, 2023
With the holidays and school breaks coming up, many families are trying to coordinate vacation plans. However, for divorced or separated parents with child custody arrangements, even a brief trip can pose potential challenges – from scheduling conflicts to disagreements about travel. At Bousquet Holstein, we understand that planning out-of-state or international travel can be Read More »

How to Divorce Your Spouse When They Control All the Money

October 11, 2023
When your spouse makes, controls, and manages all the money in your marriage, deciding to get a divorce can be an overwhelming and often isolating decision.  Fortunately, you have options that allow you to retain strong legal representation and support when separating from your spouse. Understanding Your Rights One person in a marriage often sacrifices Read More »

How Can a Parent’s Legal Marijuana Use Impact Child Custody Cases in New York?

September 05, 2023
In this article: Can marijuana affect my custody case? Medical Marijuana Arguments Used in Custody Cases Summary The Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act legalized the use of marijuana state-wide in 2021. This legalization posed huge uncertainty for divorce and family law attorneys in how marijuana's greater accessibility would affect family court/custodial cases. Now, after two Read More »

Rosemary Lepiane Wins Motion to Dismiss Re-Petition for Custody After Custodial Decision at Trial

July 20, 2023
Bousquet Holstein attorney Rosemary Lepiane won a motion to dismiss a father's petition for a modification of custody order after trial. After trial, the father filed for a modification of custody with affidavits claiming new information, but re-asserted facts that had been already been addressed during the trial. Attorney Lepiane moved to dismiss since father Read More »

Rosemary Lepiane Wins Three Motions to Dismiss on Custody Case

July 13, 2023
Bousquet Holstein attorney Rosemary Lepiane won three motions to dismiss parental time requests from non-custodial parties after her client moved her child out of state. Lepiane's client had previously filed an order of protection after suffering domestic violence from the child's father. Thereafter, the client and child moved to a different county in-state and over Read More »

Collaborative Divorce vs. Mediation: What is the Difference?

February 16, 2023
One of the first decisions a couple must make when facing a divorce, is what kind of process to use – mediation, collaboration, or litigation.   Litigated divorces are known to be lengthy, costly, and stressful. While that may be the only route for some, others may prefer a less combative approach, especially when there Read More »

Financial Pitfalls When Navigating a Divorce During a Period of Financial Turbulence – FAQs

May 04, 2020
A centerpiece of divorce settlement is the equitable division of the assets and debts of the marriage and the proper allocation of cash flow through child support and a period of spousal maintenance.  In a time where the economy, and perhaps even one's  own career outlook face instability, caution must be used to avoid self-inflicted pain Read More »

Ryan Suser Obtains Dismissal of Intra-State Custody Matter

June 04, 2019
Ryan Suser, a Member and Litigation Attorney in the firm's Matrimonial and Family Law Practice, obtained a dismissal of a matter involving the intra-state movement of children.  Following a trial and appeal in the United Kingdom, the father had relocated to California and filed a new custody matter there.  The mother, in possession of the Read More »

Ryan Suser Obtains Dismissal After Trial

June 04, 2019
Ryan Suser, a Member and Litigation Attorney in the firm's Matrimonial and Family Law Practice, obtained a dismissal of a child custody enforcement matter after two days of trial in the Onondaga County Family Court.  At issue, among other things, was whether an alleged violation of a prior order by Suser's client warranted a change Read More »

Ryan Suser Obtains Emergency Stay Involving Intra-State Movement of Children

April 08, 2019
Ryan Suser,  a Member and Litigation Attorney in the firm's Matrimonial and Family Law Practice, successfully obtained an emergency stay in a matter involving the intra-state movement of children.  Suser's client relocated with the children to another state, alleging domestic violence.  A New York Family Court ordered that she return to this State.  Suser brought Read More »

Divorce and Business Assets: What You Need to Know

Divorce can be challenging, stressful, and wrought with emotion. In circumstances where one or both spouses have business interests to protect, it can also be complicated. Whether you have spent years building your business, or perhaps inherited a family business, you have invested and sacrificed greatly to ensure its success. Chances are you don’t want Read More »

Financial and Estate Planning During and After Your Divorce

Starting a new life often means making changes to important planning documents. What made sense for a couple fully invested in a marriage may not make sense during the divorcing process, or after the divorce is finalized. In litigated matters, Restraining Orders may prevent some changes during the process, but others are allowed. After divorce, you are Read More »

Matrimonial and Family Law Reference Guide

Contemplating separation or divorce from a spouse and imagining the next phase of one's life can seem overwhelming.  Steve has listed for you some of the key areas that will need to be addressed, in order to provide some clarity, education and the frame work for a "game plan" as you move forward with the Read More »