Real Estate

We provide our clients with a broad range of services related to their real estate issues, which include site review, contract negotiations, land use approvals, landlord/tenant matters and handling the purchase, sale, lease, financing, and operation of the client’s real estate. Our clientele includes property owners, real estate developers, condominium developers, homeowner associations (HOAs), and landlords of solar and wind farm leases.

We collaborate with other practice groups in the firm to assure our clients of maximum representation of their interests.  We routinely assist our clients with entity formation and identification of best practices concerning the acquisition or leasing of property.  We perform due diligence on behalf of purchasers, sellers, landlords and commercial tenants so that our clients are fully informed and advised about all parties to the transaction. We represent both lenders and borrowers in sophisticated development and financing matters related to real estate

We have structured, prepared, and promoted many real estate syndications in and around Central New York over the last forty years. We are pleased to draw upon the Business Practice Group and the Economic Development Practice Group to provide insight on opportunities related to tax credit issues, including:

  • State and federal historic tax credit programs
  • Excelsior Zones
  • Brownfield Cleanup Programs,
  • Industrial Development Agencies
  • Federally insured and direct lending financing programs,
  • Federal and State grant applications
  • Tax-exempt bond financing,
  • Other Incentive programs at both the State and Federal level.

Attorneys in the Real Estate Practice group also represent Condominium developers and Homeowner’s Associations throughout New York State and have experience writing and enforcing covenants and restrictions, including association liens, architectural standards, environmental protections and other regulations. 

We represent landowners in real property title disputes and utilize the firm’s Litigation Practice Group when such matters are headed to court. Our real estate professionals also employ the firm’s resources to advise clients on matters specific to the client’s particular use of the property, such as negotiating management contracts, franchise agreements, liquor licenses, and employment agreements. We are creative and entrepreneurial in both the development and advancement of real estate objectives.

Pursuant to 11 NYCRR Section 35.6 (b), our firm discloses that we do not routinely charge discretionary or ancillary title insurance fees.  Discretionary or ancillary fees may be charged by the title insurance corporation.  Attached is a schedule of discretionary or ancillary fees that may be charged by Chicago Title Insurance Company or Chicago Title Insurance Services LLC.

Please also note that you may visit the following website to view the insurer’s premium calculator:

Chicago Title Insurance Company
Chicago Title Insurance Services LLC
Fidelity National Title Insurance Company
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