Divorce and Family Law

Bousquet Holstein’s Divorce and Family Law Group prides itself on understanding the needs of our clients and achieving effective results. We provide skilled and effective legal representation no matter the complexity or challenging circumstances present. We can assist our clients with child custody disputes, alimony and spousal support, the equitable division of property and retirement assets, and the preparation of prenuptial and postnuptial agreements.

Our team has decades of combined experience in divorce and family law and utilizes our firm’s network of nearly fifty attorneys to successfully resolve even the most demanding divorce and family law issues.

Among the first decisions a couple must make when facing a divorce, is what kind of process to use – whether that’s mediation, collaborative, or going straight to the courtroom. Whatever route you decide to take, our attorneys have the expertise to meet your needs.

During this difficult and emotional time, the details of your divorce can seem overwhelming and unmanageable. Our attorneys are here to help identify your desired outcomes and entitlements, so that you can focus on what matters most – the new road ahead.

Syracuse and Ithaca divorce litigation cases.

Our attorneys are skilled courtroom advocates with extensive experience navigating complex cases with sophistication and sensitivity. We work closely with our clients to achieve their desired outcomes in the many areas divorce encompasses, including child custody, support, division of significant assets, and more.

Syracuse and Ithaca collaborative divorce and mediation lawyers.

Collaborative law and mediation are alternative divorce methods with proven success for people seeking fairness and civility during divorce. These methods take your divorce outside of court, allowing both parties to plan for their family’s future in a cooperative manner. Our attorneys are specially trained and uniquely qualified to help facilitate this process with skill and compassion.  

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Syracuse and Ithaca attorneys skilled in prenuptial and postnuptial agreement negotiations.

Marriage is one of the biggest commitments you’ll make in life. Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements can help a couple feel more comfortable about getting married, knowing that both spouses will be fairly protected no matter what the future holds. Additionally, these agreements allow both parties to forge their own plan in event of divorce, without relying on a stranger to determine the outcome. Our attorneys are skilled negotiators and utilize their knowledge of family and contract law to draft clearly defined agreements to protect your income and assets in the event of a divorce.

Syracuse and Ithaca child support and child custody battles attorneys.

We know the well-being of your child is of the upmost priority. Whether you are seeking sole custody, joint custody, or a modification of a pre-existing custodial order, our attorneys will be trusted advocates who will make sure your rights are protected and your child receives the support they need.

Syracuse attorneys experienced in qualified domestic relations orders or QDROS which receive retirement assets after divorce.

In many divorces, retirement assets are the largest, most complicated assets that must be divided. Our firm has an experienced team of QDROs attorneys that have the specialized knowledge needed to best negotiate and clarify the division of retirement assets during a divorce, and later obtain your share of assets after the divorce is finalized.

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Additional Services

LGBTQ+ / Non-Traditional Custody and Divorce Proceedings

Our Divorce and Family Law attorneys are here to assist LGBTQ+ families with divorce and custody agreements and are prepared for the unique challenges they may legally face in court, including litigating contested custody disputes on behalf of non-biological parents.

Jurisdiction and Enforcement

Our attorneys are experienced at litigating at both the trial and appellate level and can also handle custody disputes involving parents in different states and countries. Bousquet Holstein also has unique experience with personal jurisdiction, the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act, and parental kidnapping disputes.

In an event where a party has failed to follow the terms of a divorce agreement, our attorneys can obtain relief and sanctions and pursue new actions in Family Court for violations of child support and child custody orders or agreements.

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Types of Divorce and Family Law work we do:

  • Uncontested Divorces
  • Divorce Litigation
  • Collaborative Divorce
  • Divorce Mediation
  • Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements
  • LGBTQ+ Divorce Proceedings
  • Nontraditional Custodial Disputes
  • Enforcement
  • UCCJEA Litigation
  • Retirement Asset Division
  • Child Custody Disputes