Coronavirus (COVID-19) has arrived in Tompkins County and many businesses are asking critical questions. Questions like: How can we keep our workplaces safe and clean? How can we accommodate changes in employee needs, like having to work remotely? And how might this impact my business and our economy? What can I do to keep my business running?

The COVID-19 pandemic and government response measures present numerous challenging issues within supply chain, landlord/tenant, and other business relationships. On Friday, May 1st, Bousquet Holstein Attorneys Larry Bousquet, Joe Porcello and Josh Werbeck joined the Tompkins County Chamber of Commerce to host a webinar in their COVID-19 Business Readiness series, focusing on Contractual Obligations and COVID-19:  Force Majeure and Other Excuses for Non-Performance.

In this webinar, Larry, Joe, and Josh provided:

  • An overview of force majeure and other provisions in commercial contracts that may excuse or suspend performance due to circumstances arising from COVID-19
  • Practical considerations for avoiding/resolving supply chain and other contract disputes in the COVID-19 environment
  • Special legal and practical considerations in the real estate context for landlords and tenants dealing with COVID-19 issues

If you were unable to participate, we invite you to review the entire webinar here: