L. Micha Ordway, Managing Partner at Bousquet Holstein, recently presented a Tompkins County Bar Association CLE on the significant changes that have been made to the New York State Executive Law, the Labor Law, and the General Obligations Law. The focus of the presentation included changes that Governor Cuomo signed into law on August 12, 2019.

They include:

  • Amended the executive law to increased protections for protected classes and special protections for employees who have been sexually harassed;
  • Amended the general obligations law in relation to nondisclosure provisions in settlement agreements;
  • Amended the executive law, in relation to extending the statute of limitations for claim resulting from unlawful or discriminatory practices constituting sexual harassment
    from one to three years
  • Amended the labor law in relation to requiring employers to provide employees notice of their sexual harassment prevention training program in writing in English and in
    employees’ primary languages;
  • Amended the labor law in relation to the model sexual harassment prevention guidance document and sexual harassment prevention policy;
  • Directed the commissioner of labor to conduct a study on strengthening sexual harassment prevention laws.

To review the handout from the CLE presentation click here.