Bousquet Holstein PLLC is pleased to announce Rosemary Lepiane‘s appointment to President of the Board of Directors for CNY Collaborative Family Law Professionals, Inc.

Lepiane is a Member of Bousquet Holstein PLLC where she focuses her practice on matrimonial and family law. Lepiane brings almost two decades of experience working with families on their personal matters. She joined the CNY Collaborative Group in 2019 and served as Vice President of the Board from 2021 to 2023.

CNY Collaborative Family Law Professionals, Inc. is a non-profit organization committed to offering families alternative, out-of-court solutions for divorce or separation, recognized as a more positive method for family stability and the welfare of children. Membership comprises of local family law attorneys, financial experts, and mental health professionals aligned with and trained in the ethical standards of collaborative methods.

Along with Lepiane, Bousquet Holstein attorneys Ryan Suser and Steven Paquette are both members of the organization, with Paquette previously serving as president in 2015.

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