Bousquet Holstein attorney Rosemary Lepiane won a motion to dismiss a father’s petition for a modification of custody order after trial. After trial, the father filed for a modification of custody with affidavits claiming new information, but re-asserted facts that had been already been addressed during the trial. Attorney Lepiane moved to dismiss since father had not outlined a change of circumstances since trial. The Court agreed with attorney Lepiane that the father did not have a substantial change in circumstances to request a new custodial agreement and the petition for modification was dismissed.

Family litigation attorney Rosemary Lepiane smiles for her studio headshot.

Rosemary Lepiane

Rosemary Lepiane is a divorce and family law attorney at Bousquet Holstein PLLC. Rosemary represents clients in uncontested, litigated, collaborative, and mediated divorces. Her goal in every case is to provide her clients with a sense of closure and stability. As the Vice President of the CNY Collaborative Family Law Professionals Board and a trained mediator, Rosemary provides a unique skillset to her clients and endeavors to take a practical and realistic approach to matrimonial and family court matters.

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