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Opportunity Zones Series – Better Fit: Actual Business Practices and 10-Year Gain Exclusion on Asset Sales

February 10, 2020
This alert is the third part of the Bousquet Holstein OZ Series that highlights topics in the Opportunity Zones final regulations published in the Federal Register on January 13, 2020. Under the Opportunity Zones program, a taxpayer who has held a qualifying investment in a Qualified Opportunity Fund for at least 10 years may elect Read More »

Opportunity Zones Series: Gains Eligible for OZ Tax Incentives Expand: Section 1231 Property

January 29, 2020
This alert is part of the OZ Series that highlights topics in the Opportunity Zones final regulations published in the Federal Register on January 13, 2020.  One of the changes in the final regulations makes it easier for taxpayers with capital gains from the sale of business property to receive tax benefits under the Opportunity Read More »

Opportunity Zones Series: Final Regulations Enhance Tax Incentive Program

January 22, 2020
In December 2017, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 added the Opportunity Zones program to the Internal Revenue Code. The Opportunity Zones program provides for the deferral and reduction of capital gains tax and possible permanent exclusion from federal income taxation of eligible capital gains. Taxpayers realize these benefits by investing in Qualified Read More »

Washington Post Article – “No, you cannot get rid of your tax debt for pennies on the dollar”

May 01, 2018
This article is an excellent reminder that businesses that offer "pennies on the dollar" tax-debt relief offer services that you can do yourself, with the support of experienced counsel.For more information and consultation, please call me at 315.701.6305, or email Read More »

Brownfield Tax Credit Alert – Environmental Testing and Monitoring Services Subject to NY Sales and Use Tax

April 23, 2015
A New York appellate court affirmed the state tax department's position that environmental testing and monitoring services are subject to sales tax.  The dispute involved payments made by Exxon Mobil to contractors between 2000 and 2004 for testing and monitoring on properties affected by petroleum spills. The Tax Law distinguishes between services related to maintaining, Read More »

What to do When Facing a Tax Problem

February 02, 2015
When a tax problem arises it is not uncommon to become overwhelmed and sometimes even paralyzed by the situation.  No doubt, much of the anxiety is due to the uncertainty of whether the problem can be solved and how to go about doing so.  Over the past few years there has been a proliferation of Read More »

Disclosing Foreign Assets to the IRS – A Significant New Option

July 12, 2014
As of July 1, 2014, the IRS has substantially revised its streamline procedure for reporting foreign assets and now this option is available to U.S. taxpayers residing in the United States regardless of the amount of tax due once in the process.  This new streamline procedure is intended to encourage more U.S. taxpayers to voluntarily Read More »