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Winery and Vineyard Succession Planning

March 19, 2020
While the vineyard is still quiet and contemplating the end of winter, now is the perfect time for New York wineries to be considering succession planning. Are there family members ready for more responsibility? Key employees you want to reward going into the next harvest season and beyond? Are you at an age where Medicaid Read More »

What’s in a Name? Five Tips to Build and Protect Your Winery’s Brand

February 08, 2020
Brand.  What does it mean in the wine industry?  Everything.  An overstatement?  Maybe.  But not by much. A winery's brand tells the story of its wine, from the vineyard to the bottle to the table, and builds connections with consumers that form the very foundation of the enterprise.  It is front-and-center on every single bottle.  It Read More »

Advertising and Marketing Rules of the Road: Avoiding Pitfalls, Protecting Your Brand, and Making Trouble for Your Competitors

December 16, 2019
From small family-owned businesses to large global corporations, a company's ability to execute an effective advertising and marketing campaign is critical to building a recognizable, durable brand and driving sales.  But what if your ads land your company in legal trouble, resulting in a court order enjoining your ad campaign and requiring you to pay Read More »

Don’t Let Your Company’s Blue Skies Turn Gray: 5 Steps to Protect Your Trademark Rights and Combat Gray Market Sales

April 12, 2019
Gray market goods can pose a significant threat to a U.S. company's reputation, customer goodwill, revenues, and, ultimately, profits.  The risk is particularly acute for brand owners who sell high-end products, such as industrial and commercial machinery, cars, consumer electronics, jewelry, perfume, and designer clothing.  For these and other companies, an awareness of gray goods Read More »