Planning For Non-U.S. Citizens

Many individuals who are not U.S. citizens are subject to the same income, estate and gift tax rules as U.S. citizens. However, the U.S. tax system does not provide all the same benefits that it does for U.S. citizens. Direct gifts and bequests, as well as gifts and bequests to trusts that would otherwise qualify for the unlimited marital deduction will not qualify for such deduction if the recipient is a non-U.S. citizen. Instead, special rules and limits will apply. We can advise you as to the limits on direct gifts and bequests, provide you with strategies to minimize your taxable estate, and can help you establish a Qualified Domestic Trust (QDOT) that can benefit a non-U.S. citizen spouse and take advantage of favorable tax treatment. With advance planning, we can help preserve your assets for your non-U.S. citizen spouse and potentially reduce your overall estate tax burden.

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