Planning For LGBTQ+ And Non-Traditional Families

Proper planning is extremely important for everyone, and particularly for members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender communities (LGBTQ+) and other non-traditional families. LGBTQ+ and non-traditional families need experienced legal counsel in order to assist them in navigating a rapidly-changing and complicated legal system that does not always adequately protect their rights. Bousquet Holstein combines its reputation for excellence in estate and personal planning with experience and understanding of the particular needs of LGBTQ+ and non-traditional families.

With the recent changes to the law, many couples that were previously barred from legally marrying are now able to do so. We can help you understand the legal and financial impact of marriage and how property and ownership rights may be affected by a marriage, especially for couples who have enjoyed long-term relationships and now wish to formalize their unions.

Although the list of states that provide marriage equality continues to grow, a large number of states still bar same sex marriage and some even refuse to honor marriages celebrated in other states. Ours is an increasingly mobile society and your estate plan should take into consideration the possibility that you may not always live in a state that respects your marriage.

For couples who decide not to marry, we can help ensure that your partner has all of the rights and benefits that you wish, from making decisions regarding your health care and treatment and helping to manage your financial matters in the event you cannot, to providing for your partner upon your death. We can also help you express your wishes regarding guardianship of your children and establish a strategy to provide for them after your death.

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