Title Insurance and Title Law

An integral part of any real property transaction revolves around title review and title examination.   Put simply, a buyer of real estate needs assurance that what is being conveyed…..for valuable consideration…..is good and marketable title.  Our attorneys work to examine title for proof that the real estate under contract for transfer does have good title, or to otherwise note the potential concerns and ascertain if title insurance might provide comfort to the buyer.

The real estate attorneys at Bousquet Holstein have deep and extensive experience in title law.  These experiences include those of Gil Hoffman, who served as in-house counsel for a major national title insurance company.  Under his watch, billions of dollars in real property value were insured to allow real estate contracts to close.

Title insurance can protect the holders of interests in real estate from a wide variety of risks, both knowable and unknown.  Title insurance can protect lenders, as well as purchasers of property.  Our attorneys have helped secure title insurance for lenders and purchasers alike, and our office serves as examining title agent for several national title insurance companies.  Our attorneys know real estate title and title insurance from the perspective of insured owners, lessees and mortgagees, on the one hand, and from the perspective of the title companies, on the other hand.  This enables us to skillfully negotiate the complexities of land title, from title claims and disputes, to obtaining the best coverage for the least expense.

Our real estate attorneys have assisted our clients in boundary, easement and access disputes, title claims, and claim-avoidance; and have assisted hundreds of other attorneys in dealing with a variety of title problems, both in negotiations before purchases, and after purchases in pre-litigation and court room postures.

Our goal is to protect our clients’ interests in a thorough review of title documentation so that issues are known before problems arise.

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