The single most important, and valuable, asset most people acquire is their home.  From both a monetary and emotional viewpoint, getting the legal work done correctly to purchase (or sell) a home is critically important.

At Bousquet Holstein, our real estate professionals counsel individuals, couples and families in all phases of the residential real estate process.

  • Working with you (and your realtor if you are using one), we review the Purchase Offer to make sure it contains all the protections you need and that you get that  for which you have bargained.
  • We monitor the deadlines for the home inspection, radon testing, and your mortgage Commitment.
  • We review the title and survey for the property to make sure you are aware of all Covenants, easements and other matters that may affect your use and enjoyment of the property.  Our attorneys are authorized to write title insurance policies for your closing.
  • We arrange a mutually agreeable Closing Date for all parties, and attend the Closing with you to make sure the loan documents and title papers are correct.
  • We make sure that any “checklist” or post-Closing items are addressed and satisfied.

At Bousquet Holstein, our focus in on making the home-buying process as smooth and effortless for the client as is possible.  With over fifty years of experience, you can rely on us to meet your residential needs.

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