Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDROS)

Retirement assets are the largest asset that must be divided in divorce actions. Many practitioners are overwhelmed by the vast body of law and regulations, as well as individual plan rules regarding the division of retirement plan assets. Don’t let that anxiety make retirement assets an afterthought! A better understanding of these issues will avoid arguments and other problems later on and will often allow you to produce a better outcome for your client.

The QDRO attorneys at Bousquet Holstein PLLC will provide you with a toolbox for negotiating the division of retirement plan assets and to address the division of those assets. You will deepen your level of knowledge and understanding of just how complex the issues of asset valuation and property division are.

Did you know your client can end up with nothing if the QDRO does not comply with the terms of the pension plan, even if the divorce decree states that your client is entitled to receive a share of the pension? What about if a spouse dies before s/he retires. Did you know that your client will not receive survivor benefits unless it’s specifically stated in the QDRO? The Bousquet Holstein QDRO practice group is uniquely qualified and experienced to address these and other circumstances.