Dual Citizenship

The United States permits its citizens to maintain a dual-citizenship, meaning they are also a recognized citizen of a foreign nation. However, each country has its own unique laws that govern the eligibility and qualifications to become a citizen or dual-citizen of that country. If you have determined you are qualified for Dual Citizenship, Dual Italian Citizenship or Dual Irish Citizenship, we can assist you in taking care of the details to help you complete your application.

Bousquet Holstein has the knowledge and expertise in helping dual citizenship clients prepare for their dual citizenship applications, including Italian and Irish. The firm prepares and files Article 78 proceedings to obtain court orders that address and resolve family name misspellings and/or reconcile any discrepancies, request the release of birth, death and marriage certificates as required, conduct a document verification, assist clients with obtaining apostilles and translations of relevant documents, and order US naturalization documents or a “no record” letter from USCIS.

The New York State Department of Health and the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene are authorized to release birth certificates only to those persons named on the birth certificates. If you are not a named person on the subject birth certificate and you require the release of a deceased relative’s birth certificate, Bousquet Holstein PLLC will prepare and file an article 78 proceeding in the appropriate venue to obtain a court order directing the release of the required document. Our office is experienced in obtaining such orders for dual citizenship purposes whether the proper venue is in Albany County or in Manhattan, New York County.

Please note that Bousquet Holstein PLLC is an American office admitted to practice law in many states including New York State that can assist you in obtaining necessary documentation to further your Dual Citizenship goals.

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