Some trial lawyers are skilled appellate practitioners; others refer appeals to lawyers who specialize in the unique work of the appeal process. Appeals involve in-depth analysis of legal theories, extensive research to find case law on novel legal issues, persuasive writing skills, and compelling oral arguments – special skills that differ in scope and style from those used in cases tried before juries.

The Appellate Practice Group at Bousquet Holstein is assembled to meet the specific demands of appeals. The group includes the right mix of writers, researchers, oral advocates, and creative thinkers to maximize the opportunity for the client. Collectively the lawyers in the group have written and argued hundreds of briefs, both in state and federal courts. Arguments have ranged from business owner disputes to criminal appeals, addressing a wide range of subject areas, including contempt, zoning, partnerships, contracts, employment, and municipal law. Our appellate attorneys also prepare and pursue Article 78 proceedings to seek review of administrative determinations.

For those trial lawyers who want to argue the appeal themselves, our appellate lawyers provide assistance with brief writing and research for appellate arguments and trial memoranda.

The Appellate Practice Group of Bousquet Holstein PLLC offers the following:

  • strategizing appeals
  • preparing appellate briefs
  • research support
  • amicus practice including preparing amicus curiae briefs
  • presentation of oral arguments
  • trial and post-verdict motions preparation
  • procedural and dispositive motions assistance and drafting
  • preparation of certiorari petitions and petitions for review