Photo courtesy of Syracuse University College of Law
Photo courtesy of Syracuse University College of Law

Bousquet Holstein attorney Mazaher Kaila joined Syracuse University College of Law’s panel of esteemed alumni for their annual Youth Law Day event. Over 100 regional high school students visited the school to hear from attorneys and judges to learn more about the legal profession.

Youth Law Day is a New York State Bar Association initiative aimed at creating events for high school students, empowering them to pursue careers in law. Participating schools at the event this year included Binghamton High School, Geneva High School, Fowler High School, Jamesville-DeWitt High School, and the Syracuse Central Institute of Technology.

During their panel discussion, Ms. Kaila spoke on strategies for effective advocacy and the different forms that may take in a community. “Our communities are much stronger when our youth participate in them,” said Ms. Kaila. “It is extremely important for our youth to stay engaged and most importantly inspired.”

Ms. Kaila when on to reflect on her participation. “Civic engagement has always been a vital aspect of my values and upbringing. I was honored to participate in Law Day with Syracuse College of law for this exact purpose. It is also extremely important for our youth to stay engaged and most importantly inspired. They need to see and hear from someone who was in their shoes not too long ago so that they can truly understand that the sky is the limit, and that the world is ready for them to shape it. Our Youth are strong pillars of creativity, excitement, and joy. They are the light that keeps most Adults going. In fact, participating in Law Day reinspired me. It is up for us to make sure our Youth do not lose their spark. They are the key to a just society. Events like Law Day allow for us to tap into their inspirations, and it serves as a reminder that we indeed need their silliness, drive, and innocent spirits generally. It is also a reminder for them to continue to chase after their dreams because they indeed can do it and if being a legal professional happens to be a dream, then I want to instill the inspiration to make that dream possible.”

Bousquet Holstein was a proud sponsor of the event this year and delighted with Ms. Kaila’s participation.