Bousquet Holstein PLLC is proud to announce that attorney Joshua Werbeck secured the vital land use approvals for Loudpack Exotics, LLC to operate the first licensed recreational cannabis dispensary in the Town of DeWitt – only the third licensed dispensary in Onondaga County. 

Werbeck guided Loudpack through every stage of the real estate development process – from negotiating the initial contract for the premises to obtaining the final municipal approvals. The approval process involved obtaining Site Plan Approval from the Town’s Planning Board and a Special Use Permit from the Town’s Zoning Board of Appeals.  Werbeck completed the Site Plan and Special Use Permit applications and successfully defended them in person before the Planning Board and ZBA.

Loudpack’s achievement comes on the heels of the NYS Office of Cannabis Management’s award of an Adult-Use Conditional Retail Dispensary License to the company in May 2023. The Town of DeWitt established its own comprehensive regulatory framework for cannabis dispensaries earlier in 2023, setting the stage for Loudpack’s application under DeWitt’s legislation.

The Office of Cannabis Management cleared Loudpack to commence operations on April 5, 2024 and Loudpack is scheduled to open to the public on Friday, April 12, 2024.

In navigating the zoning and land use approval process, Bousquet Holstein PLLC demonstrated its unwavering dedication to securing approval for our client and the firm’s commitment to excellence in real estate law. Werbeck leads Bousquet Holstein’s Real Estate Practice Group. He is a Member of the Firm and serves on its Board of Managers.