I came to Bousquet Holstein PLLC with a complicated Italian Dual Citizenship matter – I needed to get a “one and the same” court order for a living relative in Massachusetts for an appointment coming up at the Consolato Italiano in New York. One of the attorneys at Bousquet Holstein PLLC, Rebecca Cohen, is admitted to practice law in the state of Massachusetts, and was able to secure the correct materials in such a timely fashion that my anxiety about becoming an Italian Citizen began to ease. In addition to the proper paperwork, I also requested additional formal letters written to the consulate on behalf of the law firm, all of which were done with ease, expertise and incredibly client-centric values. This extremely difficult and specific matter was completely solved within two months. Just three days ago, I received an acceptance letter by the Consolato; this was all thanks to the team at Bousquet Holstein PLLC. Thank you so much!  – M.B.